Dec 2, 2010

Marine Life Census, Part 2

As promised, I've got another collection of creatures from the census of marine life for you. Let's start with the aptly-named Terrible Claw Lobster, Dinochelus ausubeli. It should be obvious where the name comes from

Next up, we have an as-yet unnamed snail, found on a submarine volcano off Japan.

We also have a jellyfish, Bathykorus bouilloni, that appears to have gotten his appearance from Star Wars, judging from his Vader-like shape.

Next, is the Bearded Fireworm. Those bristles are venomous, causing an "intense burning irritation". Don't touch.

And last up, here's another plankton-sized baby for you, this time for the Slipper Lobster. While he's transparent now, when he grows, he will have a full shell.

Pictures courtesy of National Geographic


Raging Wombat said...

What amazing creatures! I love those claws...

Adorably Dead said...

At first I thought the lobster was kind of pretty, then I saw the claws...eep!

Drake Magnum said...

These Marine Life Census peeks are awesome. Please keep posting them!

Anonymous said...

"The Bearded Fireworm" - that was my nickname in college.