Dec 22, 2010

Growing up ugly

As I've mentioned before, birds just can't seem to get the hang of the concept that babies are supposed to be cute. Most of them start out horrendously ugly and gradually grow into those lovely, graceful creatures that so many people love.

This picture of three young Black Palm Cockatoos from the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore demonstrates the process - sort of. We've got a three week old baby in the middle with a two month old on the right and a three month old on the left.

But the black palm cockatoo is definitely a bird after our own hearts here at Ugly Overload because although it does get less ugly as it ages, it never entirely grows out of it:

Someone get that poor bird a hairdresser!

Wombat (No Relation)

Babies from the Globe and Mail/AFP and adult from Flickr user Puppies are Prozac.


Cucipata said...

That is very funny, great pictures.

Nature Girl, April said...

Leave this bird's hair alone! You guys will never understand the history of flamboyant hats!

I never saw any of my baby birds as ugly -- just full of potential! :-D

Adorably Dead said...

The babies look like they have mange ;_;

wombat said...

I know, right? What way is that to be a cute baby?

Anonymous said...

The babies ARE pretty ugly, but I don't think they are as they're older. I like his crazy feathered hair :D