Mar 7, 2010

Chicken Frog

Photo via
Weighing in at 1kg, the mountain chicken frog is one of the largest frogs in all the world. It's definitely the largest amphibian in the Caribbean.

This frog is critically endangered, and some aggressive captive breeding programs have been begun to reconstitute the species. Click here for a video of how these frogs feed their young. Watch as tadpoles devour strings of infertile eggs.

Why are they called the mountain chicken frog? Because that's what they taste like. Not like mountains, but like chicken. That's kinda lame to be named after what you taste like. That would be like a naturalist coming into my house, cinching a tether around my waste, and holding me up for the camera. "Ah, here we have the lowly, slothful, 'the-other-white-meat human.'"

Thanks for the link, Katie.


Sabina E. said...

yeah, yuck! my friends have told me that frog taste like chicken cos they tried it. I think you can buy frozen frog meat at the local Chinese grocery store in my town. I wouldn't try it, but more power to anyone who wants to.

My cat would love to wrestle with the mountain chicken frog!

Dudel said...

That vid was ga-narly. X|