Mar 28, 2010

Lot O' Slug

You're not looking at some screenshots from a poor man's version of The Abyss. You're looking at photos taken by Rachel and her fiance while on vacation at Marco Island, FL.

Rachel's best guess, and mine too, is that this beast (there were two of them) is a sea hare (a type of marine slug). If this guess is right, then these creatures (or their kin) might have the potential of reaching upwards of 4.4 lbs and two and a half feet in length. That makes them arguably the world's largest slug (a title they've stolen from an uncle of mine). That's a lot o' slug.

Thanks Rachel and fiance.


…wouldn't you like to know. said...

why/how in god's name is it folded open and closed like that????

Unknown said...

This is the same slug that was featured here a few posts back, I think. The slug that "bled" purple pigment it got from the algae it ate and it used it as a predator deterent. I recognize the "wing flaps"