Jan 18, 2010

Spider Spotted at 10 Meters

What do you do with a spider you can spot 10 meters away? You sneak up, take a picture, run for your life, then send the photo here.

Edd took this photo in his yard in the Melbourne Glen Waverley area of Victoria, Australia. Any educated guesses as to what the species might be? How afraid should the flappy insects of his neighborhood be?

Thanks for the photo, Edd.


maggie said...

Looks like Eriophora biapicata - a garden orb weaver fairly common to the area.

The insects should be afraid, but the humans can rest easy - this girl's harmless.

Anonymous said...

It looks like its wearing a little sweater!

BugLady said...

I think maggie is right.
Pretty cool pic.

Pest Control Raleigh, NC said...

I run a Pest Control company in Raleigh, NC and we have a similar type of spider. Very freaky. This looks like a type of Gardner, because it hangs upside down and has the long spiny legs.