Jan 19, 2010

Keeping You Safe

Though the news out about Toyota's recalls may lead you to think otherwise, they do want you safe. So safe in fact, that they've turned to nocturnal dung beetles, bees, and moths for help.

They're studying these insects eyes to fine-tune their software that will enable drivers to see in color at night:

The new digital image-processing algorithm can capture full-color images at night from a car moving at high speeds, and can even adapt to light levels automatically. That means there's no problem with the sudden blinding bright lights of an oncoming vehicle. Even better, the inexpensive system only requires a standard digital camera and typical PC graphics card.

Photo source: Rick Cowen

In addition to the equipment above, this software will most likely use a projector that will give you a heads-up display on your windshield, side-view mirrors, etc. Thank you dung beetle, thank you moth, thank you Toyota, and thank you Ida.

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