Dec 17, 2009

Get Out of My Belly

Should you ever find yourself sprouting a massive saucer-like growth from your abdomen, refer back to this post for more details. You might be about to hatch an adult parasitoid wasp--one that's been pupating inside you as a little, wriggling larvae, and is now preparing for a dramatic exit from your belly.

That's what happened to this aphid. It suffered an Alien-like end to its life, only with the added flair of the saucer (making it even more extraterrestrial).

Photo source: Brian Valentine


Adorably Dead said...

*uncomfortable squirming* ick. Have a Merry and non infested Holidays dear Blogger.

Arachnophile said...


Certainly these parasite freak me out as much as they fascinate me. Apes on the other hand... just freaking scary. ;)