Dec 9, 2009

Bitter Irony

Imagine yourself as a happy little toadstool, content in your place in the circle of life. You enjoy the shade and dampness, the tender warmth of decomposition. But then...

...WHAM, your assaulted by a parasitic fungus. A fungus preying upon a fungus! Oh, the bitter irony!

Specifically, these mushrooms have a bad case of bonnet mould. With the many dangers facing fungi, including ending up in my spaghetti sauce and the depredations of Italian plumbers looking for extra lives, fungi need to learn how to get along.

Photo source: Amadej Trnkoczy


Anonymous said...

+1 for Super Mario Bros. reference. :o)

nihil said...

I once got a container of Shiitake mushrooms to cook with and discovered they had mold on them. Needless to say I was upset as I had to make a special trip to buy them.