Sep 10, 2009

A Sloth's Embrace

One of two things happened here. 1) Her parents coerced her into taking this photo, and she, being obedient but unhappy, stood there while the sloth's keeper wrapped the sloth's arms around her.

Or 2) she spotted the creature in the trees and stood rooted to the spot in muted horror as the sloth in turn spotted her and took the next hour slowly, agonizingly slowly, making its way down from the tree, across the lawn, and onto her for a well-intended, but unwanted hug.

I hope it's the former, for her sake.

Sloths have always weirded me out, which is one of the most useless fears someone can have. I think it's because they remind me of an animated sock monkey, and that just isn't right.


Sabina E. said...

aren't they harmless, though?

Cat said...

I LOVE them and want one as a pet.

Anonymous said...

It's like one of those horror movies where the monster/killer is super slow and the people run away from it but get caught anyway.

[scene] "OMG! It's a sloth! Run!" (coeds run away) [/scene]

[scene] Coed stops running and says to friend they should be OK now. Coed suddenly gets pulled into the woods by the sloth. [/scene]

[scene] Hunter comes upon sloth and half-eaten body of coed. Sloth's muzzle is covered in blood and numerous past victims are hung from trees in the sloth's den.[/scene]

[scene] Hunter runs away, but sloth catches him and the hunter's gun jams.[/scene]

Anonymous said...

Then there's good ol' Megatherium, the giant ground sloth.


Bruce T.

Danielle said...

Sloths are cute!

Unknown said...

This lives in Amazon..we call it "bicho preguiƧa" or "lazy pet" bacause it moves so slow...they dont attack and I think,besides the clothes the girl is a local,and she have no fear! From Brasil ,awesome blog!