Sep 11, 2009

Drama at the Carcass

Few birds out there can rival carrion eaters when it comes to size and belligerence. So when you come across a dessicated wildebeest carcass, you're bound to find some heavyweight inter-species squabbling.

The bird on the right is the largest Old World vulture, the lappet faced (or nubian) vulture, with an almost nine-foot wingspan. The bird on the left, who has just arrived at the party, is the equally large marabou stork. He doesn't seem to be too impressed by the vulture's posturing and protests.

Meanwhile, the small band of griffons that has shown up to dine seem happy enough to have the big guys distracted while they go in for some delicious fetidness.

So much drama in the Serengeti.

Photo courtesy Barbara Lawrence


Anonymous said...

and if you look closely the carcass is covered in flies!

April Lorier said...

Never thought I'd be participating in a bird "soap opera" on a nature blog! ha! The stork is beautiful!