Mar 28, 2009


Niner sent this one along. It's a short little article about a masseuse in Israel who has discovered that some people will pay top dollar ($80) to have snakes slither across their backs and faces. Turns out that king snakes and corn snakes deliver a nice kneading sensation when they get their slither on.

Fair enough. Takes a certain tolerance of reptiles to be able to enjoy this treatment. I'd try it, though I wouldn't pay for it.

As far as the animal rights angle on this, I don't know. I imagine Ms. Barak has a good incentive to treat her snakes properly. The last thing she wants to do is place an ill-treated and therefore ill-tempered snake on some woman's bare back. Chances are these snakes are well fed and well cared for. But who knows? Maybe angry and hungry snakes make for better kneaders.

Thanks, Niner.


Sabina E. said...

OH MY F--KING GOD. Fear Factor, eat your heart out.

Well, I guess the snakes are cute, small and harmless, but still...!

Denita TwoDragons said...

P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute"...apparently they also have lots of money and sore backs. But at least the pictures look artistic. The first one looks like she's wearing a mask!


Unknown said...

I suggest breathing through your nose.

Vanessa said...

Some snakes main diet consists of other snakes - I would hate to be lying there watching them snack on each other.

Victorya said...

my neighbor has a 'therapy snake' a boa. Sometimes I use it on my wrists (pre-carpal) and it feels really good, also increases circulation.. .

Anonymous said...

i actually think I would like that. it seems comfy.