Dec 7, 2008

Spiders of the Ocean World

If you want to do some pleasure reading, I recommend visiting for a bit. Lots o' pictures of large crabs, especially of the famed coconut crab.

The photos below (courtesy, highlight a point that several of you have made in the past. Crabs and their crunchy kin (shrimp, lobsters, etc.) are the insects and spiders of the ocean world. I try to evade that notion, but it keeps coming back to me. I'm afraid that one of two things are going to happen:

1) That my arachnophobia will ruin my beloved crab and shrimp meals


2) Every time I see a sizable spider scamper across the floor or wall, my mouth will start watering and I'll reach for a dipping bowl of warm garlic butter.

Either way, my world will become something less than what it is right now.


Denita TwoDragons said...

All those crabs do is make me HUNGRY!! :-)

In 2002 I was massively pregnant with my son, and due to explode at any time. We walked into a Pappadeaux's (GREAT restaurant!) and I literally demolished two entire lobsters in one sitting. By the time I was done, even the shells had been sucked dry!

Maybe I ought to take this post as a hint that I need more seafood in my diet... ;-)

(BWAAHAHA! My Turing verification wird is "outhell"!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link, Wombat. Ever since I found my first coconut crab on your site (not knowing of their existence beforehand) I have sent the articles/pictures to my family and they just can't get over the size of these creatures either.

So fascinating.

P.S. (my verification word is "mudbell".)

Zanna said...

I've thought that about grabbing the garlic butter when I see galloping spiders before, large grasshoppers too- I imagine they're like shrimp without the ocean taste. Maybe I should live in Southeast Asia...

PS the guy in that second photograph mimicking the crab is teh cute. Are we allowed to say "teh cute" here? :P