Dec 20, 2008

Not to Be Outdone

The Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana) was not to be outdone by the Gray Snub-nosed Monkey. He wants us to know that his jaw can unhinge so that he might better eat his human prey whole (bloggers and blog readers, in particular).

These natives of Sichuan, China, are just over two feet tall (height varies depending on subspecies). They are almost entirely arboreal, and their preferred means of locomotion, sadly, isn't brachiation. They like good ol' fashioned quadrupedal walking. Though they can brachiate, they prefer to leap (as monkeys are so often wont to do).

They are primarily herbivorous, and their favorite food is lichen. Yummy, delicious lichen.

They look a smidge better with their mouths closed, but then you're back to staring at that Skeletor nose and those jet-black eyes.

Thanks for the monkey, Dawn.

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty creepy. I wonder the purpose as far as evolutionary traits go. My idea would be that the nose and eyes are used to scare humans.

Alison said...

OMG, truly the stuff of nightmares! But I have to wonder--why the prodigious dentition to eat lichen? I mean, reindeer don't need enormous canines and jaw extenders...

Y'know, I was NOT being childish when I imagined evil monkeys under my bed! They really exist! Mo-ommmm!

Anonymous said...

UGH, that open mouth photo is frightening!! O_O
I can't help but thing that they look oh so soft though, specially around the muzzle/head/eye area.
I don't think I'd risk my soul, or my hands for a pet though.

Anonymous said...

is the face really blue??????

Anonymous said...

you should see the little babies...THEY'RE SO CUTE