Oct 27, 2008

New Megastick

This is one record I hope doesn't get broken again (I'm not a fan of enormous insects).

British scientists have confirmed the discovery of Phobaeticus chani, aka Chan's Megastick. Native to the island of Borneo (of orangutan fame), this insect measures in at almost two feet long. What's interesting is that the specimen below has been part of a bug collection for almost thirty years. But only recently have scientists confirmed its new species status.

I don't know if anyone has studied a living specimen.
If not, I can understand. It's hard to find rare bugs that are masters at disguise, especially with raucous orangutans harassing you wherever you go.

Thanks for the article, Ida.

Photo source: PopSci.com

Hmm. How would you find another one? Is there anyone dedicated enough to this megastick to want to devote years of their lives to finding it? I'd probably offer a cash reward to whoever brought me a living one. But then you'd have a bunch of bounty hunters roaming the rainforests of Borneo. Maybe we should just let this one be.


Anonymous said...

That's more bug than you can shake a stick at...

Anonymous said...

^^^ hahahaha

That looks neat from far away. Is it related to common walking sticks we have around here?

Raging Wombat said...

Well played, anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, still just looking at it on a table and it STILL looks like a stick from a willow tree. These bugs are ninja!

Haphazardkat said...

Very cool!! My son would go nuts over this one!
He's my Mantis boy.
You can see him and his Mantis at http://akatseyeview.blogspot.com

He's managed to catch 3 in the past 2 weeks...I thought it being Fall time they would be gone by now!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful insect. Can you imagine those walking?