Oct 20, 2008

Conch Eyes

Stare into the squirrelly eyes of the conch. There are oodles of different types of this marine mollusk, some of which are true conchs, some of which have elaborate shells that lend themselves to use as horns by youths trapped on an island inhabited by pigs, and some of which have the crazy eyes you see below. I think Jim Hensen used these as inspiration for a lot of his creations.

Thanks for the photo, linty.

Photo source: WildSingapore.com.sg


Alison said...

"Conch eyes"--Bette Davis eyes for a younger, CGI-oriented generation?

Careful, Wombat, you may be wandering into cute territory with them l'il eyes there.

Anonymous said...

Could maybe be cute if they weren't so creepy.

I used to have one of these in an aquarium on my desk and it would follow me with both eyes. We would stare at each other until I had to leave the room, shuddering.

Anonymous said...

It's like someone took a pair of googly eyes and glued them to a conch shell! That is nifty! However if it is like Linty said... and they STARE at you endlessly, it just drifted into creepy.

Alison said...


doo doo doo-doo-doo
doo doo doo-doo

Denita TwoDragons said...


(Sorry, had to make an "In the Mouth of Madness" quote...)

And Flartus...you're a meany-head. That'll be stuck in my head for WEEKS!


Anonymous said...

Those are the saddest eyes I've ever seen. The forlorn tentacle action - reaching out for help that won't come. Sniff.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall ever seeing a live conch. I had no idea they had soulful, googly eyes! How good is that, then?

morgan said...

Anyone who thinks this beastie is cute will soon eat his/her words upon seeing what a conch does to little clams. Thems eyes is out fer blood!

Unknown said...

I knew clams had hundreds of primitive "eyes" in their lips, but this is just... damn freaky!

Anonymous said...

sorry i "lol"-ed at linty. i can imagine casually looking in your tank at one of these, seeing it stare back at you. you freeze and are both eye-locked for several minutes. after a while, there is just something creepy at it staring at you and not having to blink. bwahaha