Feb 11, 2008

Look Again

Naked mole-rats keep cropping up in the news these days. This photo is of the mug of a juvenile at the Bronx Zoo.

Notice anything unusual about its mouth and teeth? Look real close. See it yet? Yup, the rodent's lips are behind its teeth. (Go ahead, look again). That's so the critter can dig, dig, dig without having to open its mouth. How's that for functionality?

Photo source: Yahoo! News


Anonymous said...

if i were christian, i would have to ask god, why? why? its a sock! i cant help adoring them, though, in an ugly sort of way. i cant get over the fact that its teeth are growing from its nose. i mean...its nose has teeth! that is one strange creature.

Unknown said...

Naked mole rats. Seriously, the coolest of mammals. With looks like that and an-insect-like social structure, what more could you ask for?

Anonymous said...

Love it! My favorite ugly animal! Wombat, you could post 'em every week and my ass would still keep coming back.