Feb 10, 2008

Dewy Darter

It's photos like these that make me desperately want a macro lens for my Pentax. Alas, being poor prohibits such a purchase.

You are looking at a dew-coated red-veined darter. These dragonflies (Sympetrum fonscolombii) are of European extraction.

I would love, perhaps even pay money, to watch the slow-motion video of this bug waking up and shaking the dew loose. If only it existed. How about it, videographers?

Thanks for the photo link, Theodosia.

Photo source: Martin Amm


Unknown said...

Beauty overload!

Christina Acker said...

Yup... not ugly!
It is a cool photo.

Jack Ruttan said...

This is the Peter Max bug (referring to a 1960s illustrator of men with top hats jumping over rainbows).

Anonymous said...

that is absolutely beautiful. th way you can see it in microscopic detail thru the large dew drops...thats amazing.

Anonymous said...

At first I was creeped out 'cause I thought the beads of water were fungal bodies or some loathsome parasite--I was relieved when I realized they're dew drops! Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

you should post another pic of what they look like not ethereally dew-covered. so we know what were dealing with. :)