Jan 4, 2008

No Dignity

This post is brought to you by the good folks over at Zooillogix.

I've always found hedgehogs endearing, and when I come across a worthy wombat post (they are my namesake), I am compelled to share the love.

You're looking at a pair of oversized critters. The first is a hedgehog from England, weighing in at five pounds. That's a whole lot of spiney fatness. I doubt he felt very dignified being weighed next to one of his svelt companions (I'm reminded of The Biggest Loser weigh in...).

Next we have a chubby baby wombat caught in the act of rummaging through a garden near Sydney, Australia. He's stuck in a flowerpot--again, not so dignified. But by the looks of the flowerpot next to him, and the uprooted plants in front of him, it would seem that he has been a naughty wombat. He probably had this humiliation coming--a bit of poetic justice.

Thanks for the link, Rasmus. Thanks for the post, Bleiman Brothers.


Anonymous said...

LOL awwww... look at the poor hedgy all stuck with his legs probably flailing all over the place as he tries to get off the scale!
And that wombat is totally adorable! I want one!

Anonymous said...

aw, i think the hedgie is coooot! i think i want one...