Dec 25, 2007

Hissy and Frilly

You're looking at the frilled lizard, complete with fully deployed frill. These Australian reptiles are arboreal, but when out on the savannah, this is their defense mechanism. If a meanie gets too close, they rear up on their hind legs, unfurl their scaly nimbus, then open their mouth and hiss (my brother does something similar whenever my mom asks him to do the dishes).

If the threat doesn't work, and the meanie continues showing an interest in wanting to eat the frilled lizard, the reptile turns tail, knowing the jig is up, and runs for the nearest tree, hissing and frilly the whole way (again, much like my brother, when my mom persists).

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Jack Ruttan said...

He's probably a polite dinner guest - brings his own bib.

Anonymous said...

I hope your brother has a good sense of humor.

Raging Wombat said...

I hope he does, too.

Arallyn said...

This guy certainly doesn't look like he has a good sense of humor. Hopefully your brother doesn't mirror Mr. Lizard that closely.