Jul 12, 2013

Giant cuddly isopod

Are you a fan of the giant tongue-eating isopod? You read this blog, so of course you are. So you will be soooo jealous of the lucky people who got one of these stuffed ones from an aquarium in Japan. Reportedly when it was introduced, the entire stock of 140 sold out immediately, even at about 60 dollars apiece.  Here's another photo with a guy from the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium for scale:


monsen293 said...

Oh my Gosh! Where can I buy one? I've searched all over and I can't find a source.

monsen293 said...

Oh my Gosh! I want one. I can't find where to buy it though.. Any help? :-)

wombat said...

I'm afraid you'll have to go to Japan. As far as I can tell none of their zoos and aquariums ever have online shops.