Aug 20, 2012

Not your usual Monday ugly

I have been trying to start the week with cute-ugly animals when possible. I mean, Mondays are tough enough, right? Even ugly animal lovers need a dose of cute. But there has been a deluge of submissions (well, two) of this newly discovered cave spider, so here it is by popular demand.

If you read the article at Scientific American, you might find it hard to get past
The spider somewhat resembles the brown recluse, famed for its flesh-necrotizing venom—but at four centimeters is about twice as large
and the reference to "rapacious-looking talons," but you probably have nothing to worry about from this ugly animal. After all, you probably don't spend much time in caves. And also the scientist who discovered it says it is "not likely to be venomous to humans." Um, OK.... Oh wait: "is distinctly unaggressive and their main interest is escaping the light as quickly as possible." Yeah, that's better. What an interesting discovery, then!

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