Apr 15, 2012

Your Monday ugdorable

I was writing a post about manatees for my other blog and I came over here to see if we had any good photos I could borrow. To my surprise I found that we have never posted about manatees here - we've only had a brief look at its relative the dugong. There's no doubt that this gray, globular, floppy-lipped, sunken-eyed, wrinkled sea mammal belongs on this blog, but just that closeup of its whiskery snout probably doesn't convince you that it falls in the "ugdorable" category, so check these out:

Come on: AWWWWW, right?

Thanks to Flickr users Andy Bernay-Roman, Pollen, windy, and Joseph A Ferris III and if you want to help conserve these very not-conventionally-attractive sea mammals, check out Save the Manatee.

- Wombat (No Relation)


Anonymous said...

Nothing ugly about these gentle giants!

mary@deepsea fish said...

That big creature is interesting and mysterious.Their are huge but full of secrets creature. but totally your page is great.

mary@deepsea animals said...

That creatures are so strange and look mysterious. I was just thinking if what other animals are still not found and discovered. Expecting for more post.