Mar 5, 2012

Your Monday... ugdorable?

Just when I think I've seen everything nature has to offer in the way of ugly animal babies, I stumble across this photo of a baby Sumatran rhino.

This photo was posted on the Facebook page of the Asian Rhino Project, and it's a baby picture of a rhino called Andalas that was born at the Cincinatti Zoo in 2001. The Sumatran rhino is extremely endangered, with only about 200 left in the wild, and Andalas was the first one born in captivity in 112 years.

Andalas also has his own Facebook page, but he doesn't post much, possibly because the internet connection isn't as good where he lives now: in 2007 he moved to Indonesia, the home of his ancestors and natural habitat of his species. He's now part of a breeding program that you can read more about here - and donate to, if you want to support the production of more ugly babies like this one.

-Wombat (No Relation)


April Lorier said...

A true winner! Just look at the 'look' in his eye! What does it say to YOU? :-]

medical artist said...

Its eyes are so pitiful.We must protect animals.