Aug 18, 2011

Serengeti Nymph?

Usually, when we get an ID request it is of a bug from someone's backyard. Perhaps the same can be said of the critter below, but Dr. Colin Beale's backyard is the Southern Serengeti, in Tanzania.

Can anyone help us identify this wee beastie? Dr. Beale thinks it might be a cricket nymph. To help with the ID, it might be useful to know that he caught it trying to eat his brains (or else it was just resting on a soap dish with 1 cm ridges so you can know the scale, I can't remember).

If you would like to follow more of Dr. Beale's adventures in Tanzania (and I think you should), then go to Safari Ecology. It's full of pictures, mostly of creatures that are readily identifiable (and probably never to be found here). Thanks, Colin!


Dave Hubble said...

Is it the Armoured Ground Cricket (AKA Corn Cricket) Acanthoproctus cervinus? If so, I think it would be an adult as they are not winged.

wombat said...

EEEK. Tanzania just moved to the top of the list of places that I would not go no matter how much you paid me.

VM Sehy Photography said...

I think you just found the only bug on the planet I would run from. That thing is scary.