Mar 24, 2011

The Adorable Water Deer

No, I didn't mess up and post this on the wrong blog. The water deer, Hydropotes inermis, is quite deserving of a place here. It lives in China and Korea, in swampy regions and grasslands, where it follows a normal, deerish vegetarian lifestyle.

It also has three inch fangs.

Unfortunately for your nightmares, that is not a Photoshop, just a picture of a healthy male deer. Those giant teeth are used during mating season, when male deer fight each other for females' affections.

Now, try and imagine what Bambi would have been like with one of these starring.

Not trusting deer anymore,

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia and (NSFW/18+)


Leee said...

Beautiful bait and switch.

Raging Wombat said...

Fanged deer. I don't know what to say.

Anonymous said...

I used to raise Munt Jac deer. Those males also have fangs, only they're about two inches long. My daughter also has a 4 inch scar on her thigh from one of them. Normally they're pretty docile though.

Nature is Awesome said...

the fanged deer is pure awesome

Anonymous said...

See this :

Looks like saber-toothed herbivores have evolved before.