Feb 14, 2011

Your Monday ugdorable

It's a baby echidna!

Unlike its cousins the long-beaked echidnas,the short-beaked species is in decent shape conservation-wise. But that doesn't mean that individuals aren't subject to both man-made and natural peril. This baby is in a wildlife rehab center because its mother was injured. Others are in trouble due to the recent massive floods in Australia.

Check out some more stories and photos of rescued echidna babies here (and for some less family-friendly information on echidnas, check out today's entry on my other blog.)


Gail in Montana said...

LOL, I watched the video on your other site, quite entertaining ;-) . What a thing to be famous for, ha. Thanks for sharing all the interesting tidbits about echidnas

N8trgirl April said...

You coined a new word: ugdorable! Who knows? It could end up in the dictionary soon!
Video was funny. I agree with Gail about being famous for THAT!

private investigator said...

who is that?) haha
looks so funny...like my turtle Zavrik
"who did eat queen's cake?"