Nov 11, 2010

Fish that want to be left alone

This time, I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I think the fishes' expressions say enough.

First off is the Oyster Toadfish. While he's strong enough to crush shells in his mouth, he's actually quite a good parent, watching over the nest until a few weeks after hatching.

Next up is the Reef Stonefish. I definitely think he wants left alone, and I think that's the best idea. His spines contain one of the most toxic fish venoms anywhere.

Last up is the Stargazer. A nice, lovely fish with the ability to produce 50 volt electric shocks. Oh, did I mention he's venomous too?

I definitely think that when someone looking like this wants left alone, the best choice is probably to let them.

Pictures courtesy of National Geographic


Unknown said...

Creepy-looking fish! I would definitely leave them alone!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

yikes!! i definitely wouldn't mess with one of their nests!!

are those TEETH in that last picture??!! teeth, electric shocks, venomous...i guess these guys don't have to worry about becoming extinct or endangered...they can surely protect themselves!!

April Lorier said...

OK, how did you get photos of me in the morning? :-D

Anonymous said...

This is why I stay far far away from oceans and fishes.

Marilyn said...

This site is awesome!
Nature = surrealism.