Oct 6, 2010

Nameless uglynose

This tube-nosed fruit bat was observed on an expedition to Papua New Guinea that discovered a number of new species. This guy has been seen before but hasn't been officially scientifically described, which means it doesn't have a name yet. Its genus is Nyctimene, so I say we call it Nyctimene ugdorable.

Thanks to Discover magazine's blog 80 Beats, where you can see the expedition's other newer but mostly less ugly species (although don't miss that spiny leg katydid).

- Wombat (No Relation)


Anonymous said...

Very cool face. This guy looks like the lead in a Muppet version of Nosferatu.

jenjen said...

He reminds me a bit of Patrick Stewart and I think he should be wearing a brocade smoking jacket.

Jenn said...