Sep 16, 2010

Fish with Feet!

This walking anglerfish was photographed on a deep-sea expedition in the waters off Indonesia. Scientists predict they'll find at least 50 new species in the thousands of photos and many hours of video taken by a robotic vehicle.

I would have said that fish was both ugly and unnatural, but just to show you how much I know, apparently finding out that fish can walk is not one of the big discoveries of that expedition. Take a look at this:

Turns out there's a whole family of fish that everyone but me already knew about, called "handfish," that maybe ought to be called "feetfish," that do the same walking-along-the-sea-bottom-instead-of-swimming thing. That pink guy is one of nine new species of handfish that were reported to be discovered earlier this year.

Read more about the Indonesia expedition here.

Anglerfish photo via the Daily Mail.

Strolling along,
-Wombat (No Relation)


Sabina E. said...

wow, that is crazy. Nature is so interesting and weird.

BeMistified said...

"You can't catch me for I am the fish with feet!"


Anonymous said...

They can walk and all, but can they use their hands/feet to break-dance? That's the real question. Breakers 2: Aquatic Boog-lagoon.

Joseph JG said...

Frogfish can walk around too, maybe batfish as well. It seems to be a speciality of the anglerfish family, I didn't know deep-sea ones did it though.

Anonymous said...

The Darwin fish logo comes true!

LisaL said...

I think it's adorable. I love fish that walk on their fins. It's SO cute watching them do it. Could be the scariest or ugliest fish, but so long as it's walking on those fins, I'll think it's cute lol.