May 1, 2010

Horseshoe Leafnose Microchiropterans

Photo source: Animal Diversity Web
Behold a few specimens from the glorious microbat genus of Rhinolophus (leafnose, in Latin). These bats are but a sample of the 69 species that comprise the genus of horseshoe bats. To your left you'll see the largest of the group, the greater horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum).

The next two photos are of the lesser horseshoe bat. The last is the real prize: the rufous horsehoe bat.

I've never liked calling various species 'lesser' or 'greater'. I know the designation usually pertains to size, but still, it bugs me. Perhaps my dislike stems from my deep fear that one day a millennium from now, archeologists will uncover my bones, run a DNA test, and classify me as a 'lesser human.' In my case, the classification wouldn't pertain to my size, but to my quality.

Thanks for the Rhinolophus bats, Jelo. The night just got a bit squeakier.


Teaching With a Toddler said...

That one at the end looks like a gross version of Stitch, from Disneys Lilo and Stitch :)

Anonymous said...

The bat in the second picture (with the big ears) actually looks kind of cute.

HeARTworks said...

Horrifying! Patsy from