Apr 3, 2010

Three Years Later

Back in January 2007 I posted on a deep sea frilled shark (Chlamydoselachus anguineus) that had been found alive off the coast of Japan. I only posted photos then, not knowing that there was video. The shark didn't long survive captivity (too warm, too shallow). So, more than three years later, here's the video. Be thankful you're a surface-dweller.

Thanks, Thanh.

Sidenote: They bear live young, typically 2-12 pups. I never knew that baby sharks were called pups. That's even cuter than 'fry.'


Jelo said...

Even in it's final moments the beast had ferocious teeth. Bet those could really ruin your day...

…wouldn't you like to know. said...

Wait, this video is of the poor thing while it's dying?? That is tragic! It's a shame that another beautiful (yet hideous) animal had to die because humans wanted to "own" it and put it in captivity. God damn it.

Is that why it's back end is sagging?

: ( : (

Raging Wombat said...

From my understanding, it was caught in shallow waters. It probably was sick to begin with. I don't think it had much time left to it. In the mean time, scientists got to study it, and landlubbers like us got to appreciate it.
Most sharks suffer a far worse fate off the coast of Japan. Look up the Japanese practice of finning.