Jul 25, 2009


Goats are some of my favorite creatures. They've got such varied personalities, and there are so many varieties. Each breed is a walking, chomping, head-butting history lesson.

Anyone know what breed this is? Is it some sort of pygmy?

I've often thought that if I owned a goat, I'd name him Azazel (the original, literal scapegoat). But then I'd be inviting all sorts of trouble on myself.

Photo source: Brian Bradley


linty said...

fantastically unattractive!

Cutie S said...

awww I kinda like his beard and grimace.

Zanna said...

In the immortal words of the band Cake, "Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell". :)

April Lorier said...

I love his hairdo! I think I'd trim his beard, tho. Make him more GQ!

Unknown said...

How does he eat with such a bad bite??? I feel bad for him. He needs orthodontic work done and a hair cut.