Sep 29, 2006

Triple Take

I normally don't post on mis-shapen lumps of yellow coral. Unless, wait. I see it now. That is a fish! In fact, it is the frog fish. This fish might require more than a double take if you were to spot it while diving. A triple take might be needed. The first one to see its color; the second one to discover it is a camoflauged fish; and the third to discern that it is an ugly fishie that uses its pectoral fins like limbs.

These slow-moving ambush predators also sometimes come equipped with the dangly lures that anglerfish have. That must be an upgrade this particular specimen didn't sign up for.

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Anonymous said...

"That is great, Commander; but we need more ugly fish. Hit them with it again!"

Raging Wombat said...

I can always count on you for a good link, Lt. Rasumus. Prepare to engage.