Aug 23, 2006

Need Some Learnin'

I understand the reasons behind the sheer bulk of this animal, the mass of it. I understand the lung capacity, the 'sleek' shape for swimming, etc. What I don't get is the nose. I need some learnin' here - does anyone know why these beasts have the noses they do?

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Anonymous said...

Only the males seem to have the trunk, so it probably plays a part in courtship behavior. They tend to make a lot of noise, so it might be a resonance chamber.

Alternatively it's mainly for show: "I'm so big and bad, I can afford to have this ridiculous sausage hanging from the front of my face and still be king of the hill!". That would make it a bit like the peacock's tail or Rolex watches.

Raging Wombat said...

I love the analogy!