Apr 10, 2006

Blood Squirters

Here is a good close-up of the hornytoad, or horned lizard. These harmless but ugly lizards are known for their spikes and for the fact that they occasionally squirt blood from the corner of their eyes. Thank you for that, mother nature. We can always use a few more blood-squirting animals.

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UPDATE: Swintah has properly IDed this as a Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus). Thanks, Swintah!


Anonymous said...

We thought you was a toad!!!

Anonymous said...

That isn't a horned lizard. That's a Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus). It's from Australia, whereas the Horned lizard is American, genus Phrynosoma.

Anonymous said...

it's awesome, that knob on the top of its head acts as a decoy when a bird flies over. It just bends its head down and the bird grabs the knob instead as it mistakes it for its head, it comes off easily so the bird just flies away with that.
then the knob regrows! so immense

Anonymous said...

Hey! Really cute little lizard! And Swintah, don't be so mean! Good luck lil guy! Keep on squirtin!