Dec 25, 2005

Here Kitty-Kitty

This cat (photo courtesy was actually entered into the World's Cutest Cat contest. Don't think so. There seems to be a theme here. So many ugly animals - be they individuals or an entire species - are hairless. It is difficult to find a truly ugly cat. But, take away the fur, and you are left with an abomination. This cat is probably of the sphinx breed.
From what I have heard, beyond the ugliness of these cats, they also tremble constantly from being cold, and have oily skins. You can't get much more hideous than being a trembling, oily, and hairless creature.


Anonymous said...

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shrikebush said...

the sphynx cats i've met are actually pretty comfortable at human-comfy indoor temperatures, so they weren't shivering...and they aren't oily, either. they do feel like they're made of human earlobes, though.

quick: pet your own earlobe. that's what it feels like to pet a sphynx!

Anonymous said...

Holy Batman! Look at those ears!