Nov 27, 2008

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat people. In which case, I'll be a stuffed turkey with sides of mash potatoes, nut bread, green beans, cranberry sauce, fruit salad, buttermilk rolls, salad, olives, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie today.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, folks, regardless of what you eat.

Photo source: D'Arcy Norman


Me said...

Same to you!

Sidebar: My word verification was OVENtles lol

Lab Boy said...

Man, I ate that?

I didn't know I was so ugly.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

Bone Artist said...

Yup, turkeys are the spawn of Satan.

Flartus said...

yuck. Well, it makes me feel better about eating them--the world is better off with a little less of that ugliness, and a little more gravy.

meg said...

unless you ate a heritage breed turkey, lab boy, no, you didn't...most turkeys we eat are like bald chickens

though, in the case of the heritage breeds, I think I'll stick with what Mike Rowe had the luxury of saying right to a turkey's face: "You are SO FREAKING UGLY!"